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Special Request: As we celebrate our 39th anniversary, we invite you to support our mission with a monthly gift of $39. This extra “bump” enables us to continue spreading the Gospel through sports worldwide.


Fuel Mission Trips, Teams, Prison Ministries, and the Spread of the Gospel


Connect With Other Faith-Driven Supporters


Unite Your Faith and Love For Sports

you desire to be a part of something greater – but how?

Which organization should you support?

Does what you offer make any real difference? 

Will you ever see the impact of your partnership?

sports reach provides a clear and effective way to make a meaningful impact

Like you, we desire to be a good steward of resources. At Sports Reach, we’re not just about sports; we’re about building relationships through sports to spread the good news of Jesus “to all the world” (Mark 16:15).

we want you to be involved. With Sports Reach, you’ll:
  • Get monthly updates on our ministry efforts,
  • Have the opportunity to join us on trips as leaders or coaches,
  • Have an invite to our annual banquet, where you can learn more about the ministry’s impact on athletes, coaches, and beyond.
why sports?

Sports break down language, culture, and religion barriers, unlike any other platform. Our athletes, coaches, and leaders are invited into many countries and prisons that don’t welcome just anybody to play ball, share their faith, and invite others to have a life-changing relationship with Christ. We want to invite you to join this mission.

Sports Reach is a phenomenal outreach program that travels everywhere to try to bring people to Christ.  I was in prison, had I not been I probably wouldn’t have found the Lord.  My life was headed to destruction.  These guys give up their life on the outside to come in and try to reach people with lost souls.  For years I ran and ran and ran, but October 16, 2009 I gave my life to Christ.  I’m so grateful to that, that I can say I’m standing here a free man because of Sports Reach.

– Jimmy Powell, Former Inmate 



​​Join us in celebrating 39 incredible years of spreading the Gospel through sports with The Bump. We challenge you to step up to the plate and give Sport Reach a $39/month bump (or a one-time donation of $468).

In baseball, the game is won one play at a time. Similarly, as you journey down the road of life, a single little bump may not seem like a game-changer. But think about it this way: Just as a series of little bumps on the road can add up to a significant jolt or the culmination of a single hit, stolen base, and perfectly executed double play can secure the win, your contribution, when combined with others, makes a big difference!

Prayerfully consider joining our mission this year by giving us a bump, or two!

Your $39/month Directly Supports Our 2024 Missions

Your contributions in 2023 enabled us to touch lives across continents. We were blessed by trip leaders, coaches, athletes, preachers, prayer partners, and donors who made it possible for us to bring glory to God in Cincinnati, Detroit, the Phillippines, Jamaica, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, and more!

We are excited about what surprises God has in store for 2024!

Sports Reach AA Team

Click here for the 2024 Season Schedule!

2024 Trips

In 2024, we’re excited to reach even further. Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming missions:

✓ January: Softball outreach in Florida prisons

✓ May: Basketball missions in Uruguay and Brazil

✓ Summer: Camps across Tennessee, Texas, and Alabama

…the list goes on.

foster faith through sports

Here’s how:

give sports reach a bump

Commit to donating $39/month to support our 39th year of taking the gospel into prisons and around the world through sports.

leave a legacy

Our legacy is not just a testament of the life God blessed us with, but a guide for future generations. It is not about material accomplishments. It’s about the lives we touch, the values we instill, the love we spread, and the people we bring with us to the Kingdom.  Matthew 6: 19 – 21.

“Sports Reach was a great experience for me, not only on the court, but off the court as well. It was a pivotal point in my walk with Christ.”

-Elfrid Payton, NY Knicks

“A ministry that can positively impact people of all walks of life. I’ve been with them on their mission trips and what they’re doing is life changing for so many people.”

-Bob Valvano, ESPN broadcaster

“Sports Reach is a ministry not just some basketball team, or some athletic program. It’s a traveling church that shows people Jesus not only by their words but more so by their actions.”

-Jordan “Jelly” Walker, UAB

“It was a great opportunity for me. It helped me grow as a player and as a person, spiritually and mentally."

-Victor Oladipo, Houston Rockets

“Through the baseball & softball activities we get the opportunity to share the word of God & offer opportunities for salvation, to win souls for Christ. Sports Reach has positively impacted my life as well as the lives of many who serve.”

– Jermaine Crawford, Belize Little League Baseball District Administrator 

our commitment to donors


We understand that you trust us to steward the resources God gave you and use them effectively, so we are committed to honoring that trust in every decision and being transparent with our community. We share recaps on all of the ministry efforts – trips, prison visits, in-kind donations, etc. – in our monthly newsletter so supporters see the impact of their resources. We value integrity and accountability, so our financial records are open for review. Should you have any questions about our financial practices, our team is always available to talk.

Our #1 Priority

Above all, our core mission remains sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. While we engage in various sports and initiatives, our primary focus is spreading God’s message of love, hope, and salvation.

Faith-Centered Sports Programs: Every program and project we undertake is centered around sharing the Gospel and inviting others to have a relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Prioritizing Spiritual Impact: Our decision-making process prioritizes spiritual impact, ensuring that our work aligns with God’s mission.

Community Engagement: We are committed to fostering a strong Christian community with our leaders, coaches, athletes, the people we meet in the mission field, and our supporters.