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As I was working on my devotionals, the Lord dropped a blessing in my lap. I got this text from a former inmate in Philadelphia:

‘I was arrested at the age in seventeen. I was convicted of two counts of first degree murder, one count of attempted murder and four counts of armed kidnapping. I was sentenced to two life sentences and a forty year sentence in federal prison. Now my journey to freedom was up in the air. Because I thought that I was to spend the rest of my life in prison, I started to search for a religion that I felt would sustain me. So I got involved in Islam. Yes I became a Muslim. Because that’s what all the young guys was gravitating to. So I got involved and started to excel fast because I studied a lot. I became an assistant Iman.

Now I was always an athlete. I played every sport, but softball was my favorite. So one day at Holmes CI, they asked if I would play on a team that they put together to play a team from Kentucky. I accepted, and we got crushed by these guys. But they would always talk about Christ and Calvary and things of that nature. As a Muslim, I ignored the talk, and would always walk away. I was not interested to talk about salvation or Christ.

I was transferred and was able to play a different group of guys from Kentucky. That’s when I was able to meet this guy by the name of Craig. He would always talk to me about me giving my life to Christ, but I would disagree with him because I was Muslim. My mother was also on life-support at the time and was concerned.

I was on the softball field at Avon Park the day that I finally accepted Christ as my Lord and savior without knowing whether I would die in prison or get out. I grew up as a Christian, believing in the death and resurrection. By talking to Craig, my life was forever changed. The most precious and best decision I ever made was to believe Christ was my Lord and Savior for real. It opened the doors to freedom for me. Now I stand here as a free man that did 28 years and 10 months in the department of corrections. I have been free for two years now – working two jobs and maintaining my family and I love the Lord with all my heart and soul.

I just want to thank Craig personally for never giving up on me. My salvation was because of what Jesus did on Calvary. It was enough. It is done, finished. I would like to thank the outreach team from Kentucky for always inspiring me to love the Lord with all my heart and soul, even when it was hard. Thanks to Mr. Speer and Frog but most of all Craig. I love you guys and thanks so much for inspiring me to be great every day”

God’s Glory,


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