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Eastern KY Sports Reach has been limited the past few months due to COVID 19 shutting down all the prisons. Since we are mainly a prison only team, we have had to find new avenues for sharing The Gospel.

Recently, we traveled to Knoxville to play in a softball tournament. I know you’re probably wondering why we don’t play in more tournaments like that. Its because most tournaments are sanctioned through associations, which means you have to turn in a roster. After that, teams can only make so many changes per year. Our problem is that we have about 35-40 men that play with us, and some of those men are already playing on a weekend or sanctioned team. It has been hard for us as a team to just play anytime and anywhere. With that being said, we were blessed to have the opportunity to play in Knoxville the second weekend of June. Our team was just happy to see each other and finally have the chance to fellowship again. We were able to share The Gospel that day with around 80 men and even had some inquiries about joining our mission team to travel to prisons when they open back up. We were able to see how truly blessed we had been before COVID 19 hit and saw how we had overlooked and taken for granted the fact that we get to do what we love. We are planning on playing in a few more softball tournaments until God sees fit for the prisons to open back up, and we can get back to what we know as “normal”.

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