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I cannot count the number of times I have been asked, “What is THAT?” while pointing to the symbol on their hats and jerseys. THAT CROSS has given me the opportunity to share with others, players, and spectators, about the ministry of Sports Reach and, most importantly, the ministry of Jesus Christ.  

When I was first introduced to Sports Reach, I was intrigued by its mission. “To Reach the World Through Sports!” Wow! How will this work? I must say, God sure was on to something when this vision was cast over 30 years ago. 

This new, hand-selected team, just as Jesus hand-picked the twelve disciples, had no idea what they would become to others. There is no doubt that these fifteen men believed that their lives could be an example to others and that they would be able to demonstrate how to follow Christ even in their imperfect states.

I have witnessed men who, “don’t really pray”, run to the field when it’s time to pray.

I have seen opponents’ desire to pray after losing a game, realizing that the goal is to glorify God.

I have experienced and led sideline conversations about the mission and love of Christ.

With a cross on their chest and on their heads, I am convinced that these men have been “REACHed.”

As you can probably tell, I get excited about the mission of Sports Reach because I get to celebrate the countless men that are being REACHed.” I take great pleasure in learning from challenges and celebrating WINS…which leads me to share…

On Saturday, August 8, 2020, Athens Ballpark, Lexington, KY, Sports Reach won the NSA State Tournament (Silver Division), in Lexington, KY.   

Oh, for further clarity, we (because I consider myself a part of the team) are not a “church team,” we are a team that takes every opportunity to REACH the world through a sport that we love.  



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