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The Faith Step

Sports Reach has never had a “theme” for the year. However, one morning, God woke me up earlier than normal. I slowly rolled out of bed and as I stood up the normal pain filled my legs. I remember thinking “good grief” how long is this pain going to last.

Then, a little reminder shot through my mind, “Stop complaining and just move.” I took a step or two and finally was able to hobble into the kitchen. I made my way out to the car and headed to my “office” at Dunkin Donuts. I sat down to start reading my Bible and drink my coffee when I starting to think back on how my morning started, my thoughts gave way to God’s.

I began thinking about the step I took which made me think about what mattered in life.

The thoughts grew fast and I began to wonder what I could share with all of my people that matters, I am constantly thinking about that and what God wants me to share with others in or out of this ministry.

Then 2 Corinthians 5:7 came to my mind,

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

I knew that Faith is what we needed to focus on this year.

Different aspects of faith began to circle in my thoughts and it dawned upon me that everything about faith begins with a “Faith Step”. For some reason ‘Faith Step’ seemed so much more powerful than ‘Step of Faith’.

As I pictured what it looked like taking a ‘Faith Step’, I sensed a powerful, trusting, no going back step.

Here is what I began to realize a Faith Step was:

  • Our first Faith Step is when we commit to becoming a follower of Jesus.
  • A Faith Step is always out of obedience. It is doing what we have been shown to do.
  • A Faith Step is an expression of love for Jesus.
  • A Faith Step has an impact on others.
  • A Faith Step sets our path.
  • A Faith Step brings blessings.

The more I thought about this, I realized this is what everyone needs to hear.

This is the theme I believe God is calling us to follow. Please join us, as we all take the “Faith Step” we are called to take.

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