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Just a New Twist 

Where in the world has 2023 gone? But it’s not gone just yet. There is one more month to go. December is an extremely important time for nonprofit organizations, and Sports Reach is no different.

We are appreciative of all the faithful donors who have blessed us for the past thirty-eight years. I’ll be honest and say we could use as many large gifts as other ministries, but we are trying a little different twist. We are calling it “The Bump.”

Every driver knows what it’s like to hit a bump in the road. We feel it for a quick second, but then we keep on rolling down the road. But, as time goes by, if we drive over more and more bumps on the road, our ride is impacted. What started as a little bump now grows into something that really impacts our vehicle. We are following a similar thought process as we fundraise.

This ministry is in our thirty-eighth season of service. If each person would commit to give at least thirty-eight dollars a month for the next year. That totals $465 per year. This is where the principle of multiplication takes effect. One hundred bumps turn into $45,600. Two hundred is $91 200, Five hundred bumps goes up to $228,000. What a difference this can make!

Please pray and share about this opportunity to help change the lives of many.

God’s Glory,


Click Here to Give Sports Reach a “Bump”

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