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A lot of great things are happening on the Eastern Kentucky Sports Reach team! According to Director and Head Coach Michael Haney the team is a great, solid group of guys and they are still adding to the roster. Even more exciting is the news that two of its newest team members made a recent commitment to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

So far this year, the team has been to 19 prisons where they not only play softball, but also like to mix it up with basketball, corn-hole, ping pong and pool during their breaks and lunch hours. The team has had the opportunity to share The Gospel with over 2,100 men, 112 of which have reported to have accepted Christ! The ministry doesn’t stop there. Once back at home, the team  sends out letters to all the inmates that accepted Christ and the responses to those letters have been a huge encouragement. 

“The men are digging into the Bible studies they receive from us and the amount of men that are reading their Bible and enjoying these devotionals is outstanding,”said Haney. “I also like to quiz them on parts of the Bible in return for a Sports Reach wrist band.” 

From a sports stand-point, the team has been competitive and games have been going great. Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21, they were in two different prisons – Eastern Correctional and Little Sandy Correctional. The team was able to overcome the extremely high temperature and went 10-2 on the diamond throughout the weekend. Better yet, they shared The Gospel with over 125 men! 

As the team continues to travel, please pray for the following:,

  • Good weather
  • God’s Will to be done with the Eastern Kentucky Mission Team as they continue to do the things the Lord allows them to do. 


Thank you to the Eastern Kentucky Sports Reach Team for your sacrifice and dedication to the Sports Reach Ministry and to furthering the Kingdom of God. 

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