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In January, Sports Reach received over 6,000 softball/baseball jerseys and attire. This all came from the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) National Headquarters. These jerseys and shirts were then sorted by size into 25lbs. and 50lbs. boxes for a total of 144 boxes (120 small and 24 large). They have now been shipped to the Philippines to help with the sports ministry BP2 Sports Ministry! BP2 will be conducting 4 clinics/tournaments of about 150 players per event this year and these will be used for the participants. The rest of the boxes are being shipped to FCA East Africa who will be using the jerseys and shirts to grow baseball in twenty countries most notably Uganda, Kenya, and Cameroon.

If you would like to donate new or slightly used sports gear, equipment, and or attire, please contact Robby Speer and Zach Arington

All donations go to help sports ministry partners in the US and abroad. Other places that we have helped this past year thanks to generous locations have been to name a few Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan, Puerto Rico, Belize, Ukraine and Bahamas

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