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What a way to start off the year. On day 1 we were at Putnam Correctional, and oohwee did God show up. He blessed us with perfect weather and a great staff and awesome hospitality from all the inmates. We played six games with the guys going 6-0. Most importantly we got to share the Gospel with around 100 men and were blessed to see 13 of those men make decisions for Christ. I can’t thank God enough for all his blessings and what He is doing with this ministry.

Day 2 was another great day as we were at Tomoka Correctional. The staff and wardens were very supportive and run a great faith-filled program. The weather was absolutely perfect, and fun was had by all. We were able to share the Gospel that day with around 200 men, which is incredible and shows how important it is to the wardens that their guys hear it. We were blessed to witness 23 of those men make decisions for Christ. All I can say is wow. God showed up in a big way. We also played a little softball, going 5-0.

Day 3 had a tough start to the morning, but the Lord showed us that He is in charge and we are not. The weather was a little chilly in the morning but turned out perfect. We only got to share with 28 men today but little did we know that God knew those were the 28 who needed to hear what we had to say because 14, yes half of those men made decisions for Christ. That makes a total of 51 decisions on the week so far. We took our 1st L of the week in the 1st game that morning but won the last 4 of the day. Fun was had by all.

I can’t say enough about day 4. God really served up some humble pie. We were at Avon Park Correctional and started the day out with a lot of familiar faces. Of course, Jason Magnum was clowning around and had all the guys riled up. All the while, Robby Speer had an idea that he would order the guys pizza for lunch and the wardens allowed us to eat with them. While eating, I heard one inmate say he hadn’t had pizza in 28 years, and another inmate took his 1st bite of pizza and cried because it was so delicious. He had never even eaten a slice of pizza. This really got me thinking about how truly blessed we are. God is so good to us. Then to top that, Roy Rison shared his story for the 1st time, and boy did he bring it. He got to share with around 125 men, and 11 of those men made decisions for Christ. We played a little ball as well going 5-0 on the day.

Last day. We didn’t get to enter Polk Correctional due to a lockdown, but we were blessed to visit Central Florida Reception Center. The turnout was great today as was the weather. We shared with over 100 men today about Joy and the Gospel. The Holy Spirit was definitely moving as 47 of those men made decisions for Christ today. Making the total for our 5-day trip 558 men shared with and 98 of those men made decisions for Christ! We also played a little ball today going 7-0 on the day and 28-1 on the week.

It never ceases to amaze me how God can just show up and let you know “Hey, this is where you’re needed, and this is where you should go.” So that’s what we do. If you feel called to go, please listen to God. He has big plans for you. Cuz trust me, if He can use this ol’boy, He can use anyone. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us through the week. It was definitely received and appreciated.

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