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In November, Athletes in Action hosts basketball coaches from all over the world to train them in basketball and spiritual techniques. I went up to visit for a day. Two basketball coaches from Zimbabwe and one from the Philippines were there, so I wanted to visit them since they were so close. It was great to see them all and it gave me the opportunity to meet more coaches from their countries and from new countries. I would only get to see the coach from the Philippines that day. But, later that week, I picked up the two coaches I knew from Zimbabwe and two friends they had brought with them, and I took them to visit the Lord’s Gym in inner city Cincinnati and then to a Kentucky basketball game. The coaches were encouraged to see how sports ministry is being used here in Cincinnati and really enjoyed watching the Wildcats play.

Also, in November, I helped as a facilitator for the Men of Promise conference that Marty Carter and LaMarque Ward put on for 160 Cincinnati public school teenagers. The students heard from speakers that shared about discipline, vision, and integrity. After each speaker, facilitators like me would talk to around 10 students about what stuck out to them. There was also a Women of Promise conference the next day with 180 female students.

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