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With all that is going on in our world, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand things had to change.

We had to cancel all of our trips that were planned through May and put the rest of the year on a TBA basis. We are praying and trusting that things will get back rolling, but in the meantime, God continues to sustain us. I am by no means a “techy” person, but the Lord has taken us in that direction. Currently, I am sending daily devotions (one at a time) to over 500 people along with posting on Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, Zach Arington, an Associate Director for Sports Reach worked with Andriy Krautsov, FCA VP North Global, to come up with a great idea.

Over the next 10 weeks, beginning April 10, they have put together a series of videos for a Sports Leadership Video Conference. Zach has gotten various sports coaches to share over Zoom Conferencing with coaches in the Russian speaking world. Andriy has scouted around his area and found many international coaches that are interested in watching the videos. Watch the first video below:


We are excited to see how this goes and if we can replicate it in other languages. Each session will be filmed and shared on Saturday on FCA’s Vimeo page. The best part – there are different sports ministry teams working together on this project. FCA, Sportsreach, AIA, Score, and UPI are all teaming up to grow God’s kingdom.
“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”
Hebrew 10:24
Please be praying for these men each Friday and for the coaches that experience the videos on Saturdays. This is the tentative schedule as of now:
  • April 10 Tom Roy, former President of UPI baseball
  • April 17 Keith Madison, Score baseball
  • April 24 Bruce Evans, Associate Coach of North Florida Basketball
  • May 1 David Conrady, Score, and McCallie HS Head Basketball Coach
  • May 8 Eamon Thornton, McCallie HS Head Coach Lacrosse
  • May 15 Clif Marshall, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Indiana University
  • May 22 Ben Creamer, Director of Performance for Ignition strength and conditioning
  • May 29 Jake Russell, Offensive Coordinator Union College football
  • June 5 CJ Hunnicutt Defensive coordinator Union College football
  • June 12 Grant Knight, Assistant Soccer Coach Cedarville University
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